Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'M FaCeBoOk BigGesT Fans~~!

Hahahaha..Juz a small update~
OMg...i spend 17HOURS and 8minutes on fb!!!!!! everyday~! wtf~
who cn beat me =D
If facebook organises no.1 fans competition, I for sure will b the winner =D
BTw, Imma gaining my freedom in less than 13hours ..woohoo~!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

--------- HoNG - HoNg - pAN - Bday ----------

It's November again~!!
And the 1st thing u think of when nov comes is of course our bday ( hong, hong, pan ) =D

our specially made bday cake~~ two bees are ah hong n ah pan (twin)
n the ladybird is me =.=

M-GROUP GAMBLE CENTER??? =.=!!! lolz..hahaha

we bring our own cards go n chor dai di at cafe..lololz..
Play till so loud at there till i think we alredi gt blacklisted by the cafe owner..lolz

Photo with bday boys session ..

Bday boys with sook yee~

Bday boys with pei wen's bf...ei..ops..Mr.C

Bday boys with Mr.C n Miss Big Arm~~

Bday boys with Miss BIG ARM n Mr.V ( admin n creator of V-group Sdn.Bhd )


Wong's Dslr which he promise to give me as my bday present..
I still waiting =.=!

Bday Boys~~

Group photo session~~~

Finally~~ thx to those who wished, called and celebrated my birthday~~
Thx guys~~

Monday, December 28, 2009

Apple Discovery Week at 1Utama

22th Dec 09 - Training at Subang Parade

Waiting for the person in charge..so camwhore abit 1st

so hapi.~~haha

Christine ( person in charge ) treated me a meal~

Shopping awhile.....T.T
Bought a wallet...
original price is rm200..got it for just rm60...
Couldn't control myself with all the discount tags all around~~ lolz

Christmas deco~~

Christmas trees~~ ^^


At ktm~~

Went to Xian's hse for a while..lolz...

23th Dec 09
Working at 1Utama~~under MacCity

Camwhore at washroom..haha

Met Jason there~~

Jason with his antique camera~

Found Dorayaki there~~Doraemon's favourite food..hahaha

Played Monopoly with cCc at 1utama..haha

Deal? Or no deal?

Found Wong's village ~~lolz...so expensive..1.8M...zzzz

24th Dec
Sad day...
they went trip to Port Dickson for countdown..
And I couldn't join them
Suen... skip this day ba~~

25th Dec
Celebrated Christmas at 1Utama..lolz

Christine n me

Santa giving presents! lolz..Ipod touch and Ipod Nano le...
So sad
coz staff could not take the present...sob sob T.T

Went to Jason's house to overnight there XD

At outside the condo~~ waiting for Jason to reach home..+ countdown for the end of Christmas at there..zzz

Had beer with cCc and Jason..haha

26th December 09
And then overnight at Jason's hse again..

cCc, Jason and me

Watched movie at Jason's hse..lolz

Penny bought me and cCc 'siu pao' ...Ate siu pao instead of popcorn during the movie..haha


27th December 2009
Last day of work~~
Camwhore day!


Me and cCc

Shaun and me

Big family~

Camwhore at Kitschen..haha